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A Foreign Film by
Mark Amerika

Deep Interior (Unconscious Remix)

Rick Silva

Mobile Remixes

In the Director's Notebook, artist and Immobilité director Mark Amerika introduces the concept of remixology. In Amerika's version of art-life, we are all born to remix. What are dreams and active memories if not personally rendered remixes of multi-media source material?


These video and audio remixes are extensions of the dreamlike source material that keeps circulating throughout the various iterations of the project.

Trail(er) Mix

Mark Amerika / Chad Mossholder

An Image Coming (Spatial Remix)

Mark Amerika / Chad Mossholder

Deep Interior (Unconscious Remix)

Rick Silva

Audiologues (5)

Chad Mossholder
Times Variable

An Image Coming (Spatial Remix II)

Chad Mossholder

Hauntological (A Digital Remix)